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By constantly challenging himself professionally throughout his career, Randy has become an expert deal maker with a keen focus on understanding and guiding his clients with careful precision through the decision-making and negotiations processes.

Top Real Estate Producer and Deal Maker

A common misstep in the real estate industry is that salespeople feel the need to sell the biggest and best, even if it doesn’t suit their client’s needs.  One of the ways that Randy differentiates himself from others in his industry is his focus on building trusting relationships to effectively negotiate a successful deal.  His ability to scope the full spectrum of a deal and present it in a way that highlights the rewards for all parties involved is what makes his approach unique and effective.  Where others see challenges, Randy sees opportunities.

As a real estate sales person for Pulte Homes in the late 90’s, some of Randy’s earliest successes came from facilitating record sales across multiple levels of real estate from starter communities to luxury, estate-sized homes all around the Las Vegas valley.  With each new assignment, Randy grew his abilities and acquired new skills.  By being forthright with potential clients and not overselling them, Randy built a level of trust that allowed him to negotiate deals and build lasting relationships.  Even today, as a specialist in luxury properties and luxury marketing, there is still a direct correlation between the processes that Randy used in his earlier days as a sales person that still translate to how he conducts business and builds relationships.

Randy’s current accolades include his position as the Senior VP of Operations for One Queensridge Place and his President-elect status for AREAA (Asian Real Estate Association of America).