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About Randy Char

With over 17 years of real estate experience, Randy Char has positioned himself at the forefront as one of the industry’s most influential and creative producers. Currently, Char is serving as the Senior VP of Operations for One Queensridge Place in Las Vegas, NV – a position that he was awarded due to his successfully innovative approach to selling and marketing all levels of real estate.

For Char, however, becoming an expert in luxury didn’t happen overnight. In one of his first forays into effective real estate sales, Char was brought on by Pulte Homes and given the task of selling homes in a North Las Vegas community that was adjacent to a pig farm. By understanding his clients and not overselling their needs, he was able to successfully move 95 homes in the next eight and a half months.

His honest and individualized approach led to continuing to record the highest sales for Pulte Homes for the next three years. After having success as both a sales agent and a broker, Char then found a true passion for training – a passion that he has been able to continue through senior-level management positions ever since 2003. He attributes a large portion of his knowledge and success to the education that he received in both Las Vegas and parts of California during markets strongly impacted by highs and lows.

Two things make a great salesperson

  1. Building relationships
  2. Technical analytical ability (the ability to break things down into laymen’s terms)

Throughout his career, Char has been involved in the training and development of hundreds of sales and marketing individuals. In 2012, he was approached by One Queensridge Place to be a consultant for the luxury high-rise community to take advantage of a rehabilitating real estate market. One Queensridge Place realized that a combination of elements were needed to reinvigorate the sales campaign, and Char’s experience, unique skillset and proven track record made him the perfect candidate.

Since his addition, sales at One Queensridge Place are the highest in the community’s existence and Char has developed a team that continues to pass prior benchmarks, both at One QRP and in Las Vegas for record luxury high-rise sales.  While he has gained a wealth of experience in the meantime, there is a direct and unmistakable correlation between the practices that Char was applying in North Las Vegas just 15 years ago and what is happening today at One Queensridge Place.