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Patek Most Expensive Watches

Three Patek Philippe Watches Land on Top 10 Most Expensive Watches List

Recently, an article published on BubbleWS presented a top 10 list of the world’s most expensive watches. Three of the top five results were timepieces by none other than renowned luxury watch designer Patek Philippe. Here is a summary of each of the three timepieces that range in price from $1.3 million to $11 million.

Super Complication – $11 Million

The term “complication” refers to a mechanical feature that is beyond normal timekeeping. At the time it was crafted, the Super Complication was given its name due to the fat that it had more complications than any other timepiece of the era. This pocket watch is 18 karat gold and had taken Patek Philippe five years to complete. Delivered to its owner in 1933, it was designed with over 900 parts for New York banker, Henry Graves. Only one Super Complication was ever manufactured. At the time of its last reported sale at an auction in 1999, it held the record for the highest price paid for a watch at $11, 002,500,

Platinum World Time – $4 Million

Holding the record for the most expensive watch ever sold at auction without complications, this timepiece’s official title is “J.B. Champion Platinum Observatory Chronometer.” It features a platinum bracelet, diamond-set dial, Guillaume balance and Bulletin d’Observatoire.

Sky Moon Tourbillon – $1.3 Million

In 2005, the Sky Moon Tourbillon retailed for just a few hundred thousand dollars. Less than five years later, it was sold at an auction in Hong Kong for $1.7 million. In 2009, it was back at auction for $1.3 million, still a great investment when compared to the original retail price. Obviously priced due to its ultra-rare status, the Sky Moon Tourbillon is also a special watch as it is the most complex timepiece ever created by Patek Philippe.



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