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In-Home Luxury Dining Rooms Shift to Casual

In-Home Luxury Dining Rooms Go Casual

A recent report on Trulia Trends shows how amenities in luxury homes stack up in today’s market. The report gives a percentage value to the “what’s-in” and “what’s-out” items to paint the picture of what luxury home buyers can expect when starting the buying process.
While kitchens are often referred to as “the heart of the home,” many of the commonalities that people expect to be featured related to kitchens have been trending down, according to this report. Terms such as “stainless appliances,” “custom cabinets” and “double sinks” have seen a decrease in frequency across listing features by as much as nine percent.

Casual Dining is Trending Up

It used to be a staple of the luxury, estate-sized home to have a dedicated and elegant formal dining space. Coinciding with the down trend of high-end kitchen finishes and amenities, the luxury dining space is also becoming overtaken by an uptrend toward casual. More and more, kitchens are being fused with casual dining that focuses more on interaction and entertaining. These large spaces may still feature some of the same luxury finishes as their formal dining spaces such as marble counter tops and custom hardware, but are more focused on bringing people together in a mixed environment of cooking and conversing.

Bringing the Indoors Out

Also in line with the trend of providing a more relaxed and engaging environment when it comes to dining and meal preparation, “summer kitchen” and “outdoor kitchen” saw a rise in trend by as much as 22 percent. Other terms that coincide with what seems to be a shift in lifestyle among luxury homebuyers include uptrends of great views, large windows and amenities focused around physical activities such as gyms and tennis courts.

Whatever the reason for the shift, the report by Trulia Trends provides some interesting information that very well may set the tone for the next generation of builders and buyers. You can read the full article from their blog here:

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